10 Happy Birthday Quotes For Your Best Friend

Life keeps on going, so do we. There come a lot of happy moments in which ‘Birthdays’ are always considered as important.

People with whom you enjoy, cheer and spend some good time normally called as ‘friends or best friends’ are those who you want near to you most of the time.

Especially, when it comes to the birthday of your best friend you are always looking to throw a party, plan a surprise dinner or make something exciting via picking a nice restaurant. Same is the case with sending them delightful messages to make them feel happy about their special day.

Sometimes, choosing the right birthday card is necessary. It’s not just for wishing them but to see a beautiful smile on their faces. On top of that, a pinch of nice words can be a good addition in making their day special and memorable. Here are couple of them, which you can use;

> Happy Birthday Mr. Perfect . May your life be filled with happiness, love and surprises.

> People will ask you to count your age by the number of friends you have.. OMG please don’t do that. I don’t want you to be declared from the time of Dinosaurs. 😉 Besides! Have a blast on your special day. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

> I am being smiling by typing this message on my phone and people think i am crazy. No way buddy! i am damn crazy because its my BFF birthday.

> I wish it rains on your birthday and you can’t go out. I will come and say ‘Hello’ and eat that dazzling cake which you shared on your Instagram.

> May you get a big current of happiness and a big bill of smile on your special day. Happy birthday BFF. I wish you all the best in your upcoming life.

> Someone said its your birthday today… SERIOUSLY .. Where is my damn cake?

> Happy Birthday best friend. May your life be filled with adventure of cleaning house, washing dishes and pampering little monsters 24/7. 😉 May you have a life which anyone could wish for.

> Are you ready for the fresh air of happiness? Are you sure? Okay, here we go.. May you get the best in life with a lot of joys and sunshines. Everyday you get thousands of smiling fairies spreading love, care and happiness arround you. Happy birthday best friend.

> On your last birthday everyone was congratulating you to have me in your life. Now keep on collecting these because i ain’t going nowhere baby! Take me as your gift of life. Happy Birthday hun x

> The never ending bliss, bundles of joys, thousands of candles and your smile matter a lot. On your special day let me wish you the best of luck and a confident and courageous life ahead darling. Happy Birthday Best Friend. May you keep shining and smiling.