10 Funny Birthday Wishes For Your Sister 2019

Here are couple of wishes which you can use to make your sister’s day beautiful;

1. I always imagined sisters are blessings but you are exceptional because i always have to buy a big present on your blessed day. Happy Birthday My Moody Sister

2. You are beautiful not because of your face or your character but because of your skill to empty my pocket on your birthday. Happy birthday Sis

3. Seriously! Is it your birthday? Where is the drum rolls.

4. I always thought sisters are angels but you proved me wrong… they are beautiful stars who shine up in the sky and give their light to the world beneath them…so give me some money so i go and buy some cakes and presents ?? happy birthday

5. Who thought one day my baby sister will grow up so big…. bigger than a tower.. LOL.. just kidding Happy Birthday sista

6. When i see u smiling at me i always knew its a special day and i am forgetting something to bring for you sis. Is it really your birthday? Oh no i am just kidding sweetheart. A warm happy birthday to you. Keep smiling my lovely sister.

7. Dad said its your birthday today so where is my gifts and listen i am not going to take a treat in a local resturant. Its always good to party hard on birthdays. I am going to get ready because its a special day and you quickly decide where you are taking me to treat.

8. I can never forget the lovely fights of pillows…not sharing toys and especially complaining about you for staying awake late at night. Still i love you sweetie. You are the best sister in whole wide world.

9. My sister’s birthday is today and i am going to be treated like a pageboy by her friends.

10. Dear sister. On your special day i wish all the best. May all your dreams come true but only after mum and dad knowing about them. Have a blast on your birthday. Happybirthday sister Enjoy!