6 Funny, Lovely, Happy and Cheeky Birthday Wishes for 2019

Birthdays have always been a special occasion throughout centuries. Thus, in order to wish in a better way or to make it memorable for our loved ones, we all do a lot of efforts. Here are couple of messages which you can use in order to wish your loved ones.

Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter. I am glad i seen you growing up with happiness and prosperity. I wish you all the best for upcoming years. Happy birthday darling.

Today is a remarkable day because you will blow all of these candles on your cake and we all will wish you the best things that my darling aspire. With a wonderful shining life filled with happiness, fun and love. Happy Birthday!

Do you think you will be special to me all of your life? while growing this old? Oh yes! you are right. There will always be a special bonding of love and care which will stay in between us. Wish you all the best for your birthday and a life full of love and luck. Happy 2 U.

People say that birthdays never stop, they come and go without saying Bye Or Hello! But this is true.. i ll always be there for you. You are special. You are different. You are amazing and that’s the reason i’ll take the pleasure to wish you all the amazing luck and love. Happy Birthday to you.

No doubt that a brother is like a second father. His unconditional love, care, respect and look altering habits make him a special part of family life. Happy birthday big brother. I am blessed to have you as my brother.

Ho Ho Ho. Today is a great day because its your birthday my bro. My only wish is that you enjoy every single second of this day. P.s. Don’t forget to use brain more wisely in upcoming years 😉 Happy birthday.